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iDemso Coupon Clone Script Group buying concept was initially launched by website, its success is amazing and now everyone is interested in launching the same concept. We have carefully reviewed the business model and compiled and extensive feature product for people interested in launching groupon clone. Our product have whole lot of feautres, City based deals, complete business model, social sharing features much more options then itself, automated payment deduction system, Automated ordering system once the deal is active and ready to be charged, Automated voucher sending system to user emails are some of the key features we are offering.

The concept of Coupon Clone Script is really simple.

We call it group buying power.

If enough people join a campaign, they will all enjoy a special discount. If there aren’t enough people, the deal doesn’t happen.

By having more people join a deal, we get bigger discounts.


Ability to post new deals with the following info:

deal info

end date/time countdown,

min/max order per user

max order per deal (if reached, deal is closed)

discount in percentage

purchases/purchases needed to activate deal.

Original price/price after discount

Option to share the deal via email, facebook and twitter

Option to refer a friend and get a reward (once when friend bought anything deal). Ability to track manage affiliates

Option to discuss deals on the site’s forum – for admins to give clear feedback to customers

Info about the total number of groupon’s bought

Integrated forum

Option to add/choose cities

Page manager. Possibility to add/edit static pages

Facilitate users to sign-up for a daily e-mail alert

Secure payments with PayPal

System Requirements:

Linux, Unix, Win, Mac Os, Windows, Dos, Ms-Dos

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iDemso Coupon Clone Script 1 Free Download screenshot